Convergence of multiple technology fields have increased the innovation speed and changed most industries, with inventions coming about more quickly outside corporations.
As Innovation potential does not stop at the boundaries of established corporates competitiveness is intimately connected to the capacity of excelling in technology management and speed of execution.
Corporate Venturing is a powerful vehicle for innovation based on collaboration with startups which can drive business transformation. This can be achieved through multiple venture tools, including: challenges, accelerators, incubators, startup studio, venture builder, excubators, corporate venture capital and acquisition strategies.


In BIBA Venture Partners, we believe that the collaboration between corporations and startups can create a virtuous dynamic of mutual benefit for both parties.


Our mission is to help corporates shift into agile, user-led, digital based organisations by understanding, exploring and acquiring new approaches to innovation.


International ecosystem
and step-by-step

To achieve a successful relationship, we have developed an international ecosystem and a step-by- step methodology and a set of specific tools to help corporates incorporating innovation and achieving higher speed of execution, through the collaboration with startups. BIBA’s methodology is about:
  • Identifying pains and addressing relevant challenges (including business, technology, organisational);
  • Understanding industry and market trends;
  • Developing and issuing an assessment strategy which includes specific recommendations and consistent lines of action;
  • Designing, delivering and executing tailor made innovation programs.

Managing Team

We believe in building knowledge together. That´s why we engage in a limited number of projects each year and a full-time Partner is assigned to each customer.

Our team is built by high profile professionals, recognized in different fields. Their main goal is to establish long term partnerships with our customers. We believe in developing a one-team approach to work hand-by- hand and achieve success together.
We provide value by bringing a new perspective and sharing our knowledge and network of international contacts in the innovation ecosystem. Combining our customer´s strengths with our expertise, we develop and deploy strategies that are unique and specifically designed for each customer. One at a time.