What we do

Our keys

Understanding the fusion of knowledge

Deep understanding & mapping of corporates current & future needs
Co-design a structured innovation process and prepare its transformation journey.

Innovation learning capabilities

Hands-on training & capacity building programs to transfer & acquire the mindset of innovators.
Get closer to innovators through ecosystem building: dedicated tech events; branded spaces; innovation contents & business opportunities.

Open Innovation & Corporate Venturing

Full open innovation programs
. Innovation outpost (tech scouting & missions);
. Corporate-startup engagement (challenges; hackathon; strategic partnerships)
. External & internal innovation units (incubator; accelerator; venture builder; CVC)
Turnkey projects: ideation; full-stack technology development; business model validation; MVP creation; product / service elaboration; 

Creating measurable value for business 

From product to market: we provide and align all needed resources (talent, capital, technology) to scale innovation.
· Integrate external ventures
· Spin-off internal ventures


By developing a deep understanding of our customer´s current needs and long term strategy, the industry trends and competitive landscape, we design an innovation strategy specifically for them and we build a roadmap to achieve the desired goals. We do not stop there. We ensure a successful deployment by allocating a full-time Partner to execute the strategy and to transfer our expertise and ecosystem resources in each step of the way. We learn together and we win together, because we build one team.
As BIBA Venture Partners our methodology looks forward to:

· Understand challenge
· Design strategy (solutions)
· Develop tools
· Deliver solutions to market